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The Lars Vilks Committee can be reached at email: or

The Lars Vilks Committee was established in November 2012 in support of the swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Ever since Vilks in 2007 portrayed Muhammed as a roundabout dog – his contribution to a theme exhibition which had the dog as a theme – he has not been able to live a normal life.

The Lars Vilks Committee supports Vilks´ right to freedom of expression. Several times a year we arrange a public meeting with Vilks and other speakers in Copenhagen.

Ever since the terror attack in February 2015 Vilks has been moved from safe house to safe house. He will not be able to return to his home in Skåne, Sweden. But he´s is able to participate in public meetings under huge security.

February 13, 2016, the Lars Vilks Committee held a conference inside the Parliament. We payed homage to the relatives of the victims from “Krudttønden” and the Jewish synagogue. The committee also gave out our freedom prize to the british organisation Passion for Freedom and staged a panel discussion on art and freedom of speech.

November 2015 Vilks and the Committee held a conference inside the Parliament in Copenhagen. The topic was terror and radicalisation.

May 2015 Vilks and the Lars Vilks Committee held a conference inside the Parliament in Copenhagen. The topic was terror and radicalisation.

March 14., 2015 Vilks received the Free Press Society´s freedom of speech award in Copenhagen.

On February 14., 2015 a terror attack hit The Lars Vilks Committees meeting in Copenhagen. We marked the anniversary of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie with a public meeting in Krudttønden (The Powder Box) in Copenhagen with Lars Vilks, Inna Shevchenko from FEMEN and Agnieszka Kolek from Passion for Freedom Arts festival.Inna Shevchenko had just started her speech when 22 year old Omar Abdel el-Hussein tried to shoot his way into the conference room with an automatic weapon.

A civilian, filmdirector Finn Nørgaard was killed outside the building. To policemen from the intelligence service and two other policemen were injured. The assassin later continued to the Synagogue in central Copenhagen where he killd safety guard Dan Uzan and injured two policemen.

The terror attack was covered wordwide, CNN;: BBC, Fox News and in medias from Australia, France, UK, Scandinavia ect. Founder Helle Merete Brix and committee member Niels Ivar Larsen who were present in the conferenceroom when the shooting started have given eye witness accounts in Information, Weekendavisen, the Spectator and the Guardian.

Link to Douglas Murray´s interview with Helle Merete Brix here

Link to Niels Ivar Larsens eye witness account in the Guardian here

From the end of December 2010 untill February 2015 Vilks was living under 24 hour armed police protection in his home in Skåne, Sweden.

The Lars Vilks Committee gave its freedomprize to the french satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in October 2014. That was three months before the horrible terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Editor-in chief Gerard Biard, who received the prize in Copenhagen, survived the attack as he was in London that day.

Former meetings have included participation of among others the british writer David Pryce-Jones, the british journalist and filmdirector Gita Sahgal, the german writer Henryk Broder, the spanish performance artist Abel Azcona, danish artists Kristian von Hornsleth and Bjørn Nørgaard, chairman of the board of directors Asger Aamund, journalist Iben Foss, writer Kristina Stoltz and sexologist Jakob Olrik. Watch some of the videos of the events here and here

The Lars Vilks Committee was founded by journalist and author Helle Merete Brix and visul artist and journalist Uwe Max Jensen. Brix left the organisation in Autumn 2016.

Today the committee consist of the following persons: Journalist and visual artist Uwe Max Jensen and commentator and historian Mikael Jalving.

Peter Baks movie about the meeeting on February 14. 2014 in Copenhagen – the Lars Vilks Committee marked the 25. year of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie – can be watched here

The Lars Vilks Committee is grateful for any kind of financial support.

Donations: Contact Mikael Jalving at

Testimonials for the Lars Vilks Committee:

“Freedom of Expression, Ladies and Gentlemen, is our most cherished freedom since it underpins all our other rights and freedoms. Without freedom of expression how are we to oppose corruption, inequality, stupidity, or tyranny, hold up to ridicule that which we see as ridiculous, or to debate some of the most important issues facing humanity today?  We must maintain the free market in ideas, including the right to give offence.”  For full version, click here
Roy W Brown, IHEU Main Representative, United Nations, Geneva  


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